Most of us will only read about adventures, never having the gall to take the risk. But there are a few among us who, unintentionally, tend to venture into the enterprise of life and death, thanks due to a unique capability. A capability that if they knew they possessed, they'd furiously pray each waking moment... Continue Reading →

Panacea (Micro Story)

Saturn Devouring His Son - Francisco Goya "Company declared the vaccine a panacea against the whole family of Coronaviruses. Desperate to go back to normalcy, governments ignored accusations of shady trials. But playing fast & loose in Science always comes with a price," said the Thing as it took a bite and the infantile cries abruptly... Continue Reading →

Outside (Haiku)

Photo by Francesco Ungaro on Day I left the norm to think Outside the Box was when I went Missing. --EntangleDesigns

The Missing Boy

Reading Time: 5 minutes Serene ambience of the courtyard cafe was punctured, all of a sudden, by horrific screams as people took cover beneath the tables while shots rang. Pop, pop, pop.  Cursing, I fell to the floor. As disbelief began choking my senses, I found my thoughts going round and round the same loopy... Continue Reading →

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