Huge Thingy

Prompt word for a conversational style story: thingy. "Oh, it was huge!" "What was?" "His...his...thingy! My hair stood up soon as I touched it! Way bigger than yours! Why is yours so tiny?" *sighs* "Okay, first of all, that "thingy" is called a Van de Graaff Generator. And it's not his, it's paid for by... Continue Reading →

Had It Coming

Photo by FuYong Hua I know it, you do tooThis thing we have is silly,right out the pages of somebackyard play aiming to reach Shakespearean heights and we are no kids, nobut you, for a laugh dyed my poodle pink,( & reader, no, it's not a euphemismfor some kinky shit! )It wasn’t funny, dammit!So today when you offeredthe... Continue Reading →

Her Dictatorial Strut

Sitting on my white throne, ready was IFor some meditative contemplationsLike drooling on Kardashian sistersSurfing through cosmopoliton picturesWhen she glides in, nonchalant as everinterrupting my mood, ignoring my privacy, Suggestively, she takes to pacing aroundDemanding my attention, asking for loveI try to explain her the inconvenience of it allShe wouldn't have it, no, she wants me right now!And between... Continue Reading →

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