Burnished Morality

Photo By Keem Ibarra Four feet met ground, Swift air made friendsGiggling sounds dissolvedin dreamy castles & catchingends of darling rainbows.Wore too-big a dress,Matched with a red lipstick.Tucked carefully behind ears,Pretty pink garden blossoms.But caught soon was innocencein conventionality's snare.Accusations rushed inTo corrupt a child's laugh.And Happiness withdrewas Silence reigned years.Burnished morality of lovedestroyed something precious.Now... Continue Reading →

Surrender My All

I have tried too many times,can't put the leash on this desirethat wants to hold you, kiss youif only you give it a chance,Restless is this undying wantto have you come back to melike you once did... My cloud of self assurancesthat asked me to walk away,To get my thoughts back in the cage,Moving on like... Continue Reading →

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