Fuck Gender-Reveal

Why oh why is this trend so aliveand rocking a highwhen head to toe it's drenchedin shameless ignorance?Are you still that stupid to be unaware that gender and sexare two distinct human components?So, why don't you try and try real hard to shut up the squealsat the sight of your stereotypicalPinks and the Teals.For rationality's sake,Fuck your gender reveals& free from your same ol' tiredheteronormative narratives,let the poor kid be just a... Continue Reading →

Surrender My All

I have tried too many times,can't put the leash on this desirethat wants to hold you, kiss youif only you give it a chance,Restless is this undying wantto have you come back to melike you once did... My cloud of self assurancesthat asked me to walk away,To get my thoughts back in the cage,Moving on like... Continue Reading →

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