Like The Pi

Irrational - By yours truly. I don't remember how many times I have written to you and how many times I have held back. How many nights your thought has crossed my mind, how many days it became a nuisance. I don’t know when you seeped into my marrow and how to get you out of... Continue Reading →

If Only

Cleaning out the old rickety bookshelf, found the book that you once lent, eons ago, it feels. Never got around to read it then, don't know how i forgot to give it back and why you never reminded me Until today, when walking through its pages, under yellow shade of their silent aging, Saw a rose pressed... Continue Reading →


When nothing turns your head, Only transience makes sense No strings bind your heart, Love forever seems second-rate Wearing your gloves, pitch-black, do let indifference coat your vest, and choose very well to leave instead. So what if you’re an oddity in the pack, And cold-blooded to the rest? Some days might make you ask... Continue Reading →


In another life Around another star I would have inked on my heart a confession that yes, you are Mine. Would have kept your letters in a box, reading each one  a hundred times Because In another life, Around another star,  would have been sure it's for me that your ode  Pines Would have let you be... Continue Reading →


A heart that’s content with wandering in heartache, dressed under false light of a house to be let, is a poor sanctuary that intends to leave your serenity at stake. Waiting each day for things to change, you’ll make wishes blowing on candles of trust, hoping for you it’ll beget love in the heart that’s content... Continue Reading →


Where before stood nothing to wield influence or engulf my will, And daringly charted each path to unknown shores when I pleased  Now all I remember is a cage where you, my captor, breaks me until I am down to pieces; left to be glued back together so again to be cleaved The hows & the... Continue Reading →

Say Yes

It has been so long And everything between us is still the same This feeling annoyingly proved immutable by time, finds me this morning waiting for you again Just like before, my girl, just like before. I am still who I said I was and I know you haven’t changed one bit Since the first... Continue Reading →

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