Traps Of Chance

Free Falling Traps Of Chance - By yours truly. Stay mum chapped lips holding on to secrets by a scarred skin of the teeth Stay moist traitor irisescontrasting a stolid poisewith whispers of a dying wishStay tall cynical walls of blisskeeping secure a jilted heartfrom falling into trap of possibilities.©EntangledDesigns


What I feel for you goes beyond telescopic gaze of a poet's heart,delicate details of a fine artNot always that soulful,Neither often confined by virtueSometimes passion can be brutal,Derives pleasure while being cruelBut one word from you,And my flaming reins will let goI can only have that which you'll bestowNot a scratch less, never a kiss moreA rhythmic dance of the power... Continue Reading →

I Saw You – Part 2

I saw you In a lonely verse, A tale of bleeding love Riddled with anxious pangs, & Crying rivers A beautiful soul Mirroring my pain Your hurting words Dance a sprightly tango on my naked skin Arousing ideas toeing lines of criminality And they aspire to do things to you, But without whisper Of your explicit... Continue Reading →


He turned to say goodbye For a heart-breaking final time And she kissed his lips Like she had never kissed him before Stealing sound of that hateful word, Turned it into a loving sigh... "You better come back to me, mister!" Said she with a stern guise openly defied by her tearful eyes. "Yes, ma'am!" Said the smiling soldier... Continue Reading →

Wandering Dicks

Everyone knew but me, babyThat you broke not two vows but threeWhile I played my faithful part to a T,You walked arm in arm down Alice streetWith her whom they likened to a cheap floozyBut maybe like me, about you she was crazyGave away her silly heart for safekeepingNow she stands accused, the only sinning daisySo has always been the age-old storyTwo... Continue Reading →

Back To Reality

Thought of you stillsends my heartspiraling downa rabbit hole,scurrying offinto that other worldWhere madlywas I in loveWith yourravishing bluff.Too late was epiphanyearned long past whena cruel guise ofa non-existent Bondhad becomea debilitating cuff.Finally cameswift blowof realizationwhen to escapeYour brutal hurtMy feelingsculminatedwith a callfor a cullOf my ownFoolish self!Unthinkinglyfor you it fellSo, "Off with my head!"For... Continue Reading →

My Sweet Home

Photo By Jadon Barnes A long day grazed my hurting bonesagainst a high-strung flesh.By the end of troubles, it finally foundrespite under hot water,clasped between your arms.Wretched tiredness like a dark cloudabove my curls evaporatedunder a loving embrace that knewexactly how to hold my heart,Serenade a tired soul with a steamy tonguethat licked my bruise, kissed my... Continue Reading →

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