If only she could notice the effect of her teasing art Map it on one line against my beats, as afield the normal course they dart. For her every vexing stroke times  the time my pulse went off the charts, If she could spend a while to sum the summands of all those little parts She... Continue Reading →


Feels like you became an epoch the day I moved on from you wrenching my heart away, demarcating as if with an indelible marker, what I was before & how did I decay. Though time, unperturbed, kept flowing past me anyway. Feels like you became an epoch And somehow, somewhere I got stuck like a... Continue Reading →


There is something to be said about the art of hiding in plain sight; placing a smile instead of a mien lit under a vacant light. This instinctive deception we thread through multiple loops of disguise etches reasons in it’s plated chrome, holding a mask over mystic words till the labyrinth feels the only home... Continue Reading →


Among the very many lessons that are left to learn, The one that I keep failing, ever so willingly, Is how to love you in moderation. Just as a canoe in the clutch of a tempestuous sea is no more at fault than this rabid notion, I wouldn’t know how to judge Or even where to... Continue Reading →

The Lie

Between the things we thought were missed And the ones we never find, lie dreams that pile on bucket lists And a life that’s lived confined. Between the chances we held in fists And the risks that we declined, lie fires dying in ash of what-ifs, And a fate to which we feel resigned. Between... Continue Reading →


I paint them in red, those words that I choose not to voice And the ones that I write come out in black, When they hold inside a silver lie. I mourn the death of things that never came to life And the ones that did, I tied a noose around their neck, Carving rightness... Continue Reading →


Sweet Betelgeuse, if love could be measured in a cup, I’d give you nine plus a half, put aside seven for the rest and keep nothing for the one I keep failing to forget. But as it stands tonight, like it did yesterday, he, with all his defects - of which, there are countless to... Continue Reading →


Tonight there's no bag of tricks beside me out of which to spin ourselves a tale  of everlasting love or a spurned lover's plea. Heartbreaks seem to have lost their wail, saccharine romance is wearing tediousness under its gossamer negligee & my heart can find no bearings in that same old wearisome detail. These sanguine arms of Horizon... Continue Reading →


So now that you have found your little corner that’s bustling with ingratiating voices you so dearly adore, dressed in intricately woven tulle and fine muslin Their fawning lips keep screaming, “Encore!” Isn't it everything you wanted and still, so much more? So now that you have killed me, granted, for the umpteenth time Looks like this... Continue Reading →


When I say I know you, I don’t mean that I know your favorite colorBe it Black, Grey, Red or Blueor maybe something duller?No such silly checklists, nope, none!And maybe if that's what you want, Then let’s all say “Hallelujah!” that I am not the One.But this feeling still drags me to the old hauntclaiming to innately know youeven if to you it feels an... Continue Reading →

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