Of Rivers And Oceans

https://media.giphy.com/media/JaS7ZfYp1CCli/giphy.gif Each day,Each night,My untamed thoughts burbling like riverscourse through the poetic landscapes of your words,gushing along the continents of each verse,rippling around the boulders of your figures,sometimes patiently seeping throughelaborate passages you construct,consuming each mineral of fancythat you scrupulously submergeand other times,finding themselves breaking throughintermittent synthetic barriers,roaring with a seething rushto overcome weirs of... Continue Reading →


https://media.giphy.com/media/SBvRuVDhdoDde/giphy.gif Our love once a golden blossom of budding hopes, wild like a dandelion slowly turned a silver globe, easily tumbled under a careless blow. By its reservoir I'm still hanging, though letting the breeze carry me to a lush meadow where afresh I can begin to grow. EntangleDesigns

Like A Butterfly

Metamorphosis - By yours truly. ACT 1 “You weren't being serious and you didn't say it first!” “I was and I did…” “No, you said you love me like you love the roses and the butterflies and, the stars!” “So?” “So that means you love me like I'm some common thing… like a butterfly? Would... Continue Reading →


Sometimes you make me long for impossible things. Sometimes... I wish I were your poem, A free verse between your lips A rhyming villanelle of your finger tips A solemn ballad dipped in your lucent ink I wish I were your dance A teasing twist within your arms A rousing tension in your form A waltzing skip in... Continue Reading →

Once bitten

Willfully turned a corner around the doubts, finding taste of Elysium  under your odic shroud. Unaware that in latency there could exist parched wants, Perhaps spurred by a sapient guile... But may be not? Maybe it really was the promise of striking resemblance? Now caught is my essence in tempestuous renaissance. Fault is, of course, mine for I... Continue Reading →

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