Sweet Betelgeuse, if love could be measured in a cup, I’d give you nine plus a half, put aside seven for the rest and keep nothing for the one I keep failing to forget. But as it stands tonight, like it did yesterday, he, with all his defects - of which, there are countless to... Continue Reading →


Tonight there's no bag of tricks beside me out of which to spin ourselves a tale  of everlasting love or a spurned lover's plea. Heartbreaks seem to have lost their wail, saccharine romance is wearing tediousness under its gossamer negligee & my heart can find no bearings in that same old wearisome detail. These sanguine arms of Horizon... Continue Reading →


So now that you have found your little corner that’s bustling with ingratiating voices you so dearly adore, dressed in intricately woven tulle and fine muslin Their fawning lips keep screaming, “Encore!” Isn't it everything you wanted and still, so much more? So now that you have killed me, granted, for the umpteenth time Looks like this... Continue Reading →


When I say I know you, I don’t mean that I know your favorite colorBe it Black, Grey, Red or Blueor maybe something duller?No such silly checklists, nope, none!And maybe if that's what you want, Then let’s all say “Hallelujah!” that I am not the One.But this feeling still drags me to the old hauntclaiming to innately know youeven if to you it feels an... Continue Reading →


Pharos - by yours truly. There are oceans filled to the brim with yawning stretches of gelid emptiness between our lips but you, much like a Pharos, shine through the damning chaos to navigate my each step and i, on a dirigible of Faith, keep sailing through this ether of angst, knowing it's to you, love,... Continue Reading →


My whole beingdithers in harmonyWith each methodical bowingof your strings.Fingering subtlechanges in the notes,And my mood submits tosensuous altering,Pulsating your rhythmfinds its way into my lungs,And a jaded cast crumblesunder the wringBut if you think toplay me by the ear, Fiddler,Think again, For I’m the very Atmospherethat lets your dulcet melody spring. - EntangleDesigns


Some bonds forged in sweet cauldron of random chance wither slower than does a titian star. Seasons will change and mute they could stand, as if for eternity, at the horizon of your being. Dumb and deaf, never becoming more than a passing resemblance of a time when they were your everything, yet not ever dissolving into nothingness for... Continue Reading →


Distorted Retrospections - by yours truly. My life would belie  this assertion that I am over the pain for I write of hypothesis where you exist & I feel alive. Grief spins me through seasons of reticence and hush but under downpour of monsoon is when I cry. They tell me how sorry they are... Continue Reading →


Your world’s a funambulist, A deathly grip on order, too scared to go astray & I want to knock it off its balance Take you with me through uncharted ways You’re too wary to take any chances Each step a calculation to a thousandth decimal place & I want to leave your plans disheveled, Make... Continue Reading →


I have tried before only to fail,Did you know that against your effervescenceno song is enough and poems pale?You walk by, radiant in that summer dress& I'm caught in mesmeric monsoon's gale,with a heart that's been waiting too long to confesswhat some say was never hidden under the veilAnd you wouldn't have to take a guess,because no one has come close... Continue Reading →

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