Bad Feeling

Photo By Joel Filipe Bad feelings come a-knocking.Up the throat they float, a-rocking.A big gulp of tears & snot,Pushing 'em down the tunnels of heart.Delicate levees self-destructing,Flooded heaves, hopes a-drowning.Impending disaster, veins a-gushing,Bloodied grounds, lives a-hurting.

A Murderous Quandary

A Murderous Quandary-By Yours Truly Devilish times, vile nightmares. If colors could speak desires, Paintings would turn bloody. Worlds they hold, on fire. Mind a predator, Hunted simultaneously. A cathedral of laughs, Screaming echos in bloody crannies. Burning thoughts, To stay or die? A Murderous Quandary.   ©EntangledDesigns


Photo by Taras Bulba There is a ruckus in madhouse ongoingwhere insomnia wearing robes of guilt is crooningsome high pitched melody that's darker than ebonyas pain pounds the table for another glass of crazy waiting to be refilled, while tiredness dressed in puffyshadows has walked in, now slow dancing seductively, she wants to take you to bed to have her way with...and darling... Continue Reading →

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