https://media.giphy.com/media/W6O1AKSP9Zfck/giphy.gif Prompt Word For A Conversational Style Story - Basement “Dude, enough! You’ve been blasting that song for over an hour now!” “I’m heartbroken and it hurts so much!” “Listening to 'Careless Whisper’ on repeat ain’t gonna fix that!” “You’re right… I gotta sing it! Where’s our Karaoke system?” “Mercifully, trapped somewhere beneath the storage-clutter... Continue Reading →

The Pill

Payment at the end of the study was huge. She wasn't desperate. She just hated her life. They had her sign multiple forms. Then, they started her on the experimental drug. She'd a poster of Hendrix on one wall & first night of the pill, she found Jimi climbing out of it & making sweet... Continue Reading →

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