If only she could notice the effect of her teasing art Map it on one line against my beats, as afield the normal course they dart. For her every vexing stroke times  the time my pulse went off the charts, If she could spend a while to sum the summands of all those little parts She... Continue Reading →


Feels like you became an epoch the day I moved on from you wrenching my heart away, demarcating as if with an indelible marker, what I was before & how did I decay. Though time, unperturbed, kept flowing past me anyway. Feels like you became an epoch And somehow, somewhere I got stuck like a... Continue Reading →


I paint them in red, those words that I choose not to voice And the ones that I write come out in black, When they hold inside a silver lie. I mourn the death of things that never came to life And the ones that did, I tied a noose around their neck, Carving rightness... Continue Reading →


So now that you have found your little corner that’s bustling with ingratiating voices you so dearly adore, dressed in intricately woven tulle and fine muslin Their fawning lips keep screaming, “Encore!” Isn't it everything you wanted and still, so much more? So now that you have killed me, granted, for the umpteenth time Looks like this... Continue Reading →


(Image credit: Gossamer by Marcela Bolívar) The beauty that died in her anonymityor the nest that lay broken in the silhouetteof her unnamed streetwas the least of life's tragedies,when they found how she had borrowedmoments of time inconspicuouslyto wield her melancholy with flaming inkand penned numerous poems with prose in between.Tearing herself, she stitched each... Continue Reading →

In Hell

Passing through the crowded paradise,You and yours laughing rainbows,Caught is my ecstasy in your beaming cast.It's a carnival of who's who and everybody else.All dancing, crashing on floors & clinking glass,My Hopeful eye, trying for what seemed forever,finally catches yours, as my beats start winding down.But You look right through me like I'm a fucking... Continue Reading →

Storm Of Reluctance

   Woke up to take a walk barefooton my golden sands only to find itlittered with stygian ashes of hopeAlong my prideful emerald shoreThat now tosses and turns dark,raising a screaming hellAs it Nibbles lifeless form of a boyWhose mother drowned last nightClawing desperately at life for her child.Against a portentous storm of Reluctance,She raged... Continue Reading →

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