In Hell

Passing through the crowded paradise,You and yours laughing rainbows,Caught is my ecstasy in your beaming cast.It's a carnival of who's who and everybody else.All dancing, crashing on floors & clinking glass,My Hopeful eye, trying for what seemed forever,finally catches yours, as my beats start winding down.But You look right through me like I'm a fucking... Continue Reading →

Storm Of Reluctance

   Woke up to take a walk barefooton my golden sands only to find itlittered with stygian ashes of hopeAlong my prideful emerald shoreThat now tosses and turns dark,raising a screaming hellAs it Nibbles lifeless form of a boyWhose mother drowned last nightClawing desperately at life for her child.Against a portentous storm of Reluctance,She raged... Continue Reading →

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