Photo by Taras Bulba There is a ruckus in madhouse ongoingwhere insomnia wearing robes of guilt is crooningsome high pitched melody that's darker than ebonyas pain pounds the table for another glass of crazy waiting to be refilled, while tiredness dressed in puffyshadows has walked in, now slow dancing seductively, she wants to take you to bed to have her way with...and darling... Continue Reading →

Be The Sidekick

Photo by Ian Dooley Oh you, of adventurous spirit & fierce gloryYes, you.You are the hero in your own life-story.But 'round you, so is everyone else in their own.And when they are in need and look to youfor answers to their troubles, your love & supportThe best thing your honorable soul can dois be the finest sidekick to their superhero.For... Continue Reading →

My Dirty Little Blade

Ravaged my soul, it needed mendingFound you, the one who became my crutchTwisted by little games you had plannedAll to keep my belief that without you I’d break.Went along with all your binding biddings,Your sick appeals to my diminished nature.And if I ever spoke a nay, crouching in fear,Brutal was your love on my weary... Continue Reading →

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