Had It Coming

Photo by FuYong Hua I know it, you do tooThis thing we have is silly,right out the pages of somebackyard play aiming to reach Shakespearean heights and we are no kids, nobut you, for a laugh dyed my poodle pink,( & reader, no, it's not a euphemismfor some kinky shit! )It wasn’t funny, dammit!So today when you offeredthe... Continue Reading →

Unconcealed Heart

Photo By Timothy Paul Smith Whatever you think I am,I’m not.Whatever you want me to become,I won't.Whatever you see in me,I don’t possess.I am not your good,I am not your evil,I am not your aspirationI am not your saviorI am not your friendYour expectations, Are ashes beneath my feetYour hopes,Come to die by my handsI am... Continue Reading →

Burn With Him

Unexpected turn of events that now began evolvinginto a vortex of lust,sent her reeling heartinto a decision to let her guardscrumble to dust becausethis time around she was willingto let those winds fromwilderness unexploredsweep away her caresso that she can hikeunfamiliar grounds of passion.And with that business settled,she now pulled him closerto crush her luscious lipsinto his dirty... Continue Reading →

Umbrella Of Ignorance

Photo By Joshua K. Jackson Woke up, with a closed mind he went about his daily day, Drank coffee thrice, with cream, no sugar, His habitual nonchalance on the side. Came home with a friday squeeze, on a Tuesday To Netflix less, more chill. Yes, the usual please! Nah, no news, no frills! He takes... Continue Reading →

Storm Of Reluctance

   Woke up to take a walk barefooton my golden sands only to find itlittered with stygian ashes of hopeAlong my prideful emerald shoreThat now tosses and turns dark,raising a screaming hellAs it Nibbles lifeless form of a boyWhose mother drowned last nightClawing desperately at life for her child.Against a portentous storm of Reluctance,She raged... Continue Reading →

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