Word Prompt Story

Here's my take on a pretty stingy word limit of just, and I mean just, 33 words for a conversational style story, Reader, for Sammi's Weekend writing word prompt: Grimace. (just 33 words! 33!!!) "Thought Mike was coming over?” “He cancelled!" “That's why you’re making the face?” “What?" "When something bugs you, you get this... Continue Reading →

True Love

Crimson's Creative Challenge #21 “Wow! This is a scenic spot. Where is it?” “Ah! I have no idea! Found this at the Goodwill store down by Papa John’s. You know the place?” “Oh, yeah! Bought some of my best antiques there! But shh… tell no one!” “Haha… yeah! I just bought it for the frame.... Continue Reading →

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