What binds my wrists by the grip of your hastening heartbeats is the need for some swelling thrill that brightly burns, even if ephemeral, radiating like a starlight's burst, in the vacuum of this algid loneliness. My reality or yours, offensively it stands amidst the daydreams we have been busy weaving, living to fill the moments with flaky desires to feel, to something greater we must belong.... Continue Reading →

One Sexy Fox and A Bad Break-Up

We dated 3 wonderful weeks till the day I chanced upon youcanoodling with Moniqueand as began my manly shrieks,Your claim of us not being exclusivesent me home with snot filled streaks.Now as I lay on my faithful couch,Drowning my sorrows in Vanilla tub& monster tacos from Jack in box,farting in tandem with my sobsSudden came sweet realization ofstill having your Netflix... Continue Reading →

The Box

Break you did my heart so thoroughly that I know not if it will beat ever right again but irony is thus that even in hurt, with each fluttering gasp,it hasn't stopped calling your name.And there in lies my Herculean task to bleed myself as I cut your presence outmy life that limpingly walksthe cruel routine of putting together a Box, that will hold... Continue Reading →

In Hell

Passing through the crowded paradise,You and yours laughing rainbows,Caught is my ecstasy in your beaming cast.It's a carnival of who's who and everybody else.All dancing, crashing on floors & clinking glass,My Hopeful eye, trying for what seemed forever,finally catches yours, as my beats start winding down.But You look right through me like I'm a fucking... Continue Reading →

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