Huge Thingy

Prompt word for a conversational style story: thingy. "Oh, it was huge!" "What was?" "His...his...thingy! My hair stood up soon as I touched it! Way bigger than yours! Why is yours so tiny?" *sighs* "Okay, first of all, that "thingy" is called a Van de Graaff Generator. And it's not his, it's paid for by... Continue Reading →

The War Within

May Speculative Fiction #Writingprompt With the passing of the HETCET- 2087 Bill, promises of a healthier, happier world poured in through holographic screens hanging midair outside tall skyscrapers. Annoying, manipulative ads showed sinuous men and women with machine body parts, all grinning wide, vacuous smiles. While loud blaring voices noted the version of the cyberware technology, the various models of the skin... Continue Reading →

The Pill

Payment at the end of the study was huge. She wasn't desperate. She just hated her life. They had her sign multiple forms. Then, they started her on the experimental drug. She'd a poster of Hendrix on one wall & first night of the pill, she found Jimi climbing out of it & making sweet... Continue Reading →

True Love

Crimson's Creative Challenge #21 “Wow! This is a scenic spot. Where is it?” “Ah! I have no idea! Found this at the Goodwill store down by Papa John’s. You know the place?” “Oh, yeah! Bought some of my best antiques there! But shh… tell no one!” “Haha… yeah! I just bought it for the frame.... Continue Reading →

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