Is It Love?

Image By Petr Ovralov Is it love if I love you more than I can bear but keep ignoring myself?A love that expects me to compromise and you walk away with all conditions met?Is it love that showers me with shiny baubles but still leaves my soul gaunt?A love that tries so hard to keep up... Continue Reading →

Storm Of Wants

Image by Emiliano Vittoriosi Storm of wants staged a riot in his once quiet heart and though he takes not what doesn’t belong to him, but lord, did he wish her to grantthe privilege to have her love,like a wildfire consume her world, glazing in lust every inch of her till her attention was left no more to giveto anyone... Continue Reading →

Sweet Past

It's cold and wind is being such a bully, biting my cold fingers and nose! So between baking, reading and working, I found time to scribble a new, lone verse. Weather can sure make a poet out of anyone! 🙂 Happy Sunday!

Beyond Reality

This one was built using twitter prompt: reaching beyond reality. Today has been, so far, one of those lazy days where all I want to do is stay in bed, read an old classic like Anna Karenina and not do anything. But alas, my brain's been running in hyperdrive for past 24 hours and it... Continue Reading →


Life's a journey. Are you the traveler or a bystander? Read the quote on a nosey poster that hugged annoyingly one of the walls of my newly rented apartment and quickly into 20 pieces I had it torn. Taking off my two-cups-too-small a bra, jiggled my feet out those stuffy knockoffs that I so love... Continue Reading →

Wise Up

C'mon...Throw it at me ...Throw at me your beloved hatred, your judgementsfor having this glorious body that doesn't fit neither the scales nor inches of cuckoo standards that long you've perpetrated on how a woman is supposed to be.Your ideas of beauty bathed in sick endorsementsFrom a society hilariously blind; live to scrutinize us to death but wants to praise and crown skeletons,yours and mine, for eating cotton balls with booze and two... Continue Reading →


Photo by Taras Bulba There is a ruckus in madhouse ongoingwhere insomnia wearing robes of guilt is crooningsome high pitched melody that's darker than ebonyas pain pounds the table for another glass of crazy waiting to be refilled, while tiredness dressed in puffyshadows has walked in, now slow dancing seductively, she wants to take you to bed to have her way with...and darling... Continue Reading →

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