Your love has been plucking these hardcore strings of reality, cracking my jaded facade with its pirouetting charm, it taps the frowns into a wide smile as melody of your laugh waltzes through my life, lifts up my mood with its harmony of trust, assures my finicky heart that we're gonna be alright. © EntangledDesigns

Wandering Dicks

Everyone knew but me, babyThat you broke not two vows but threeWhile I played my faithful part to a T,You walked arm in arm down Alice streetWith her whom they likened to a cheap floozyBut maybe like me, about you she was crazyGave away her silly heart for safekeepingNow she stands accused, the only sinning daisySo has always been the age-old storyTwo... Continue Reading →

So What?

The Rising - By yours truly. So what if I am the branded one?They call me a cautionary taleBut when all's said and done,I don't remember trying to hide the news.That I won't toe the line nor I wouldCross my legs to sit pretty for youOr hide my scars to fit in this worldNo, I'll never be any less... Continue Reading →

Is It Love?

Image By Petr Ovralov Is it love if I love you more than I can bear but keep ignoring myself?A love that expects me to compromise and you walk away with all conditions met?Is it love that showers me with shiny baubles but still leaves my soul gaunt?A love that tries so hard to keep up... Continue Reading →

Back To Reality

Thought of you stillsends my heartspiraling downa rabbit hole,scurrying offinto that other worldWhere madlywas I in loveWith yourravishing bluff.Too late was epiphanyearned long past whena cruel guise ofa non-existent Bondhad becomea debilitating cuff.Finally cameswift blowof realizationwhen to escapeYour brutal hurtMy feelingsculminatedwith a callfor a cullOf my ownFoolish self!Unthinkinglyfor you it fellSo, "Off with my head!"For... Continue Reading →


Whisper of greeting, desperate to be received But mind's busy ta...ta...ta...tapping On whistles of Cat memes. Touch of love given, Waiting eagerly to be returned But heart's busy ta...ta...ta...tapping On bells of news n' tweets. Lonely world in making, Growing apart, constant aching But we're busy ta...ta...ta...tapping, Fighting battle royal with keys.© EntangledDesigns

True God & False Prophets

Drawn are battle lines on helms of your convictions that never will break chains of reasoning You so carefully wrought on words of Your People, Others - as usual are wrong! So come this fall’s moonless night, wars will rage as self-reflections malinger by virtue of that all-encompassed righteousness flowing through veins blessed by Your... Continue Reading →

Storm Of Wants

Image by Emiliano Vittoriosi Storm of wants staged a riot in his once quiet heart and though he takes not what doesn’t belong to him, but lord, did he wish her to grantthe privilege to have her love,like a wildfire consume her world, glazing in lust every inch of her till her attention was left no more to giveto anyone... Continue Reading →

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