I folded my tragic caresthat would leap and boundAt a chance of your stare,Into an iron portmanteauThat anchors my despair.For I know your frigid heart,No one ever did live there.Falling hard for a bad choiceso easily ripped life to tears.Sewing cleaved spirit back on,sipping brio from chalice of prayer,I unveil your cruelty to all,Holding up the sign, "Beware!" The... Continue Reading →


Standing on the porch as sun sets to my left,Glass of Red catches its final glint in my hand,Raised up to my lips, it distracts my worrying linesAs lone gust of Autumn wind beneath the river birchcatches my solemn sight and for a moment I forget that I've been longing for you to come see me tonight.© EntangledDesigns

Write A Letter

Write a letter to me... Write a letter, not with ink but with your finger tips and hard-pressed lips against my stark bare body. Make it rhyme not with words but with the peaks of your breath compelled by that primal ravenous drive. Then sign it with a fiery awakening of your name In my quivering... Continue Reading →

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